Drug-Related Crime Types - Utah Drug Attorneys

Utah courts deal with the following types of drug-related cases daily under the classifications provided by Utah’s Controlled.



Substance Act.

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Drug-Related Crime Types – Utah Drug Attorneys

Utah courts deal with the following types of drug-related cases daily under the classifications provided by Utah’s Controlled Substance Act.

  • Growing or Cultivating Marijuana – Marijuana cultivation is classified as a second or third-degree felony.
  • Possession of Marijuana – Marijuana possession penalties become extremely strict when the amount exceeds 100 pounds, but even minor possession of marijuana can have serious consequences such as loss of professional and/or driver’s license.
  • Drug Paraphernalia – Possessing hookahs, bongs, pipes, baggies, scales, or other paraphernalia used to consume or distribute drugs is illegal in Utah.
  • Opioid Crimes – Without a prescription, opiates are illegal to possess, distribute, or sell. As such, opioids are considered Schedule I or II.
  • Prescription Drug Crimes – While commonly prescribed, Utah takes seriously the misuse or illegal use of prescription drugs that may result in penalties, including up to 15 years imprisonment and $10,000 in fines.

Controlled substances, drugs, and certain chemicals used to make drugs are classified into five categories or “schedules”. The classification depends on the drug’s acceptable medical use and the substance abuse or dependence potential.

Schedule I Drugs:
Highly addictive or deemed inherently dangerous and not used medically in the United States. Examples include psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, heroin, opium. MDMA, Ecstacy and LSD.

Schedule II Drugs:
These are also highly addictive but used for some medical purposes in the United State. Examples include cocaine, fentanyl, OxyContin, Percocet, Demerol, morphine, hydrocodone, PCP, Adderall, Ritalin, Methadone.

Schedule III Drugs:
These are not as addictive as Schedule I or II drugs and have commonly accepted medical uses in the United States. Examples include anabolic steroids, Vicodin, Ketamine, Tylenol with codeine.

Schedule IV Drugs:
These are not as addictive as Schedule III drugs and are commonly used for medical treatment in the United States. Examples include Xanax and Ambien, Valium, Ativan, Soma, and Klonopin.

Schedule V Drugs:
These have very little addictive qualities and are frequently used for medical treatment in the United States. Examples include cough syrup, Lyrica, Lomotil, Motofen, Parepectolin.

Team-Driven Defense Strategy

The criminal defense team at Canyons Law Group include former prosecutors and seasoned defense attorneys who have defended or prosecuted the most serious crimes on the books in Utah. Aggravated felony charges including homicide, robbery, kidnapping, and more are among the many cases our attorneys have successfully defended. Our criminal attorneys also have extensive experience in the Utah district court and justice court systems and have also worked in federal and military courts.

Experience & Knowledge

Our criminal defense team has the experience, knowledge, and determination to handle the most serious charges you may face. But even lower-level criminal charges in Utah can have serious consequences. A single misdemeanor conviction can cause you to lose your job, lose your driver license, or lose your right to carry or use a firearm, A criminal conviction can make it more difficult to rent an apartment or obtain a mortgage loan. A criminal charge can affect your education and student financial aid. And the effects of conviction can last long after you may have completed probation or otherwise satisfied any obligations to the court.

Case Collaboration

When you hire a criminal defense attorney from the Canyons Law Group, you get more than just an attorney. You get the combined experience of our whole legal team. Our attorneys take pride in working closely with each client, taking the time to understand each client’s needs and goals for the case, and developing a strategy intended to achieve the best result possible for each client. We also employ a team approach, assigning attorneys who may have experience on a particular type of case or issue who can provide advice or assistance in specialized areas.We often collaborate with investigators and other professionals as needed to work toward the best result possible. 

No matter what kind of criminal charge you are facing and no matter what level the offense may be, it can be critical to have the best advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney before you talk to police, before you go to court, and before you make any decisions or take action on the case. The criminal defense team at the Canyons Law Group is here to help.

Contact Your Utah Criminal Defense Team

Each criminal defense case in Utah is unique, not just because the facts of each case may be different but also because each defense client has a unique set of circumstances, needs, and goals. We conduct a full legal analysis of your case and take the time needed to understand what you need from the case. We then work together with you and as a complete criminal defense team to create a strategy intended to best accomplish your goals.

Make sure that your rights are protected. Learn more about our criminal defense team online, or contact the Canyons Law Group today to see what the right criminal defense attorney and the right legal team can do for you.


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