The State of Utah recently implemented its new “Clean Slate Law,” which means that many people with Utah criminal convictions may now have their convictions automatically expunged after required waiting periods have passed. To find out if you qualify, the State has established a free and easy website where you can check to see if your criminal conviction has already been automatically expunged and/or when that might automatically happen. 

What if I don’t qualify under Utah’s Clean Slate Law?

Many people assume that there is no option for clearing their criminal history if they don’t qualify under the new Clean Slate Law. Thankfully, that’s not the case. If you do not qualify under the Clean Slate Law, that just means that your convictions will not be automatically expunged. There may yet be alternate avenues toward expungement that a seasoned defense attorney with experience in expungements can help with.

At Canyons Law Group, we have been able to help a number of people successfully obtain expungement, even where they didn’t qualify for automatic expungement under Utah’s Clean Slate Law. Alternate avenues toward expungement always vary from case to case, depending upon your particular circumstances, so it is best to call and schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys to see what alternate routes might be best in your particular case.

Many times, we have helped our clients to get the severity of their charges reduced through a 402 reduction, making them eligible for expungement where they were not previously. Additionally, we also work extensively with clients to obtain expungement through obtaining a pardon. This option is particularly helpful in matters where a person’s criminal history has been extensive or the nature of their offenses is quite serious in nature.

If you don’t qualify for automatic expungement under Utah’s new Clean Slate Law but are still looking for help, please call us for a free consultation at Canyons Law Group. Clearing your history may not be as difficult as you think. Call and ask to speak with one of our expungement attorneys today.

To learn more and see if you qualify for this automatic program, click here: https://www.cleanslateutah.org/about.